Welcome to our blog! What is this all about?


Hello! Welcome to our blog, our home, our family and a peak into our lives.  My name is Colleen, I have a fantastic husband named John and an adorable son, John William.  A little over a year ago, we moved from our one bedroom condo and are slowly starting our way towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle on our own homestead.

You may be wondering, what is this homestead thing all about?  Well, UrbanHomestead.org defines a suburban or urban homestead as, “a suburban or city home in which residents practice self-sufficiency through home food production and storage.”  Also, it is not only about food, but personal energy generation and getting “off grid,” as well.

On our list of homestead goals are:  find a house with land that allows for us to pursue this new life style, compost, start a garden or implement a lawnscaping plan, build and maintain a greenhouse, collect and store rainwater, can and preserve our own food, and build a source of self-supplying energy.

Join us on our journey as we try to make this dream a reality, while having tons of fun on the way! OH! and the name? Its a play on our last name, near and dear to our hearts 🙂


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