Our Mean Green DIY Compost Bin

IMG_0250 IMG_0605

Good Morning,

Would you look at that beauty!  That my friends is our homemade trashcan rotating compost bin and I cannot wait for spring to get here so we can use it.  I know, I know, you are supposed to start your compost in the fall when you have all of those nice fallen leaves, but we missed that season and now we start in spring. Oh well.

How did we come to own this wonderful contraption?  It was made by my husband… at 2am one night at his office.  Earlier in the day I sent him THESE plans, asking “would you be able to make me something like this?” and not twelve hours later we a have finished project.  What a man!

It is pretty much NOTHING like the plans, leave it to John to ditch the plans and just make crap up! If I get him to explain the step by steps I can write up a quick DIY for this one, stay tuned.

Even though we have about 12 inches of snow on the ground and over the next week expect to add 14 more to that, we are dreaming of wonderful, beautiful compost!  Any tips or suggestions from seasoned pros?

compost bin 1


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