Supplementing with your CSA

Until our garden is, well first made, then producing enough to supply our family with the entirety of our produce needs, we will need to supplement with purchased products.  Last year, John William and I frequented our local farmers markets each week, although fun and enjoyable, it was time consuming and very expensive.  This year, we have enrolled in a local organic farms CSA program.

Credit: Local Harvest

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  How it works is that, in the beginning of the year local farms will sell shares in the upcoming seasons crops.  Customers will pay for full or half shares up front, in full.  Then throughout the summer and fall, each week you go and pick up your portion of that week’s harvest.  It is a large investment in the winter, BUT, it will pay itself back come harvest time, and depending on how well the farm does you can really get a lot for your money.

I love supporting programs like this!  It gives the farmers funds to start that years crops, supports local business, saves you money, and is a fun way to try new produce because you never know what that weeks share is going to contain.  We won’t receive our first share until June, but I will be sure to post pictures.

Visit Local Harvest to find a CSA in your area!  I am sure you won’t be disappointed!


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