Taking the Plunge and Going “No-Poo”

**Newly Updated: 4/24/14**

No, this post has nothing to do with #2!  “No-Poo” is the practice of washing your hair without shampoo or other chemicals, that is where the “poo” comes from.  Using natural household ingredients, you slowly transition your hair and balance it’s PH so your own oils take care of it’s hydration.  It is a fairly easy process, however, it does not work for everyone, and for some people it will take a lot of trial and error.

Why “no-poo”?  A few reasons; to continue to rid your life of chemicals, if you wouldn’t eat it then why would you rub it into your pores, saves tons of money, less reliance on the “system”, and to have more natural luxurious manageable hair!

Personally, I am three weeks into “no-poo” and I found a method that works great! I use a BS (baking soda) wash, ACV (apple cider vinegar) rinse, arrowroot starch for oil management, tea tree oil for a more antiseptic scalp treatment, and coconut oil for dryness.  In between, I also use WO (water only) to keep my head clean and a BBB (boar bristle brush) to push down the oil from my scalp after washing.

Here is a quick overview of the process, there are tons of sites and tutorials out there, but this is what worked for me.

  • Gather your ingredients: missing from the pic is the coconut oil and the BBB

photo (35)

  • Prepare your wash and rinse: 2 T of BS and 2 T of ACV in each container, diluted with water

photo (36)

  • Use the BS as your shampoo as you normally would and the ACV as the conditioner.  Don’t forget to hit your head with cold water to seal up those pores and regulate the oils at the end of the wash.
  • Before bed, use your BBB with a few drops of tea tree oil to push down the oils and for some added antiseptic, if the brush is used during the day it tends to cause major static, so keep this to a nightly routine.  Wash the brush as needed.
  • Try to extend your washes each time with WO washed in between, the goal is 7+ days between treatments, and try not to do less than 4 days (I found out quickly this will damage your hair)
  • Don’t get discouraged if it does not work right away, it may take time and some different methods before its beautiful and easy to manage.
  • The ultimate goal is chemical free, so you will also need to find natural substitutes for your styling products as well, but one step at a time I feel 🙂

Week 1: 2 days between BS/ACV

photo (34)

Week 2: 3-4 days between BS/ ACV

photo (32)

Week 3: 5-6 days between BC/ACV with WO in between

photo (33)


UPDATE: 4/24/14

So, here we are at week 10 of “no-poo,” how do you think its going?  Honestly?  It is wonderful!  My hair has never felt better and never have I received so many nice compliments from friends, and even strangers, on my au natural locks.



After the transition period and a little adjusting of the ratios, here is my daily routine:

Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar Wash every 7-10 days, depending on how dirty my hair gets
Water Only Wash in between
Arrowroot Starch on my roots when they get oily, maybe once every two weeks or so
Coconut Oil on my ends if they are dry, again maybe once every two weeks
Boar Brush after every BS/ACV Wash
Minimal Flat Iron and Blow Drier use

Next up, natural skin and body care.  Doing the research now, I will put up a new post when I start experimenting.

Has anyone else gone “no-poo? How is it going?

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