Our First Fruit Tree: San Pietro Fig

As I look at my window and see little snow flurry wisps falling from the sky, I am dreaming of Spring.  Dreaming of tilling the land, planting our harvest and enjoying our delicious sun ripened bounty. Hating to sit dormant, I went ahead and pre-ordered our first fruit tree, the San Pietro Fig.

Order Yours Here

We live in Zone 6, and although it is fully feasible and people do grow fig trees in ground here, it will take a lot more work to keep them alive during our harsh winters.  Because of this, we have decided to plant ours in a container and bring it inside before the frost hits.  Planting in a container will only allow this tree to reach 6-8 feet, instead of its normal 12-15, thus producing less fruit.  We are fine with less fruit if it means our tree will last for years.

If your first reaction was, “figs YUCK,” then you more than likely are basing your feelings off of fig newtons and dried figs.  Up until a few years ago, I felt the same way and had never enjoyed a fresh juicy tree ripened fig.  After that first fresh fig experience, you will never be the same! OK, I am being dramatic, just don’t knock it til you try it, k?

Figs are not only yummy, but they are SUPER healthy!

Health Benefits of Figs

There are so many things you can do with fresh figs! My favorite is a fresh fig stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped with prosciutto and drizzled with honey, so good!


Recipe Here

Update: May 25, 2014

Our Fig Tree was delivered in the mail this week!  The first sunny day we had was filled with soil and plants.  Our little tiny stick with two leaves made its way into the big boy container it will call home.

photo 1 photo 4 photo 1


How do you like to prepare fresh figs? Any tips from seasoned fig tree owners about caring for this varietal?


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