DIY Potato Barrel


The snow has finally melted, but the frost keeps sneaking back up on us at night.  Unable to start putting seed or plants in the ground, we decided to try out a DIY Potato Barrel.  Here is the link to the instructions.

As you can see, our 6 seed Yukon Gold potatoes are currently living in the dinning room, on a dish, in the sun to grow their eyes and start budding.  This weekend we should be able to get them in a container on the deck with the first layer of soil.


We picked out a nice big round container for our barrel and cut each potato into 3-4 pieces.  Make sure to have at least 1 eye on each piece of potato for the seed to work.  After a few drain holes, the container was ready for 8-12 inches of soil.  We placed the seed pieces in spaced a few inches apart and covered slightly with more soil and watered.

The barrel has been outside for a few weeks and we actually have some nice looking green spouts! Almost time for another layer of soil to build up the root system.

potato2photo 2potato55

Update:  The final product!

We got impatient and could not wait any longer to turn out our potato barrel.  The leaves turned yellow and started to die off.  At this point you can wait a week or two and let the potatoes harden up, or harvest now for “new” potatoes with very thin skins.  We chose to turn out now for new potatoes.

photo 1

Our barrel was only a foot or two deep so we were not expecting a HUGE harvest but we did get about 8 lbs of very super yummy yukon gold new potatoes.  We boiled them up and ate them with butter and salt.  Every fork full made us feel like farmers!  The next day, I even fried up the leftovers with an onion and made home fries for breakfast.  Growing our own potatoes was fun and rewarding and I highly recommend it to anyone, advance or beginner!

photo 3

The towers will not be done for a month or two more, we started those later in the summer.

Has anyone ever grown potatoes in a barrel?  Thinking about giving it a try this year?  Let us know how it progresses!

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