DIY Potato Tower


So, as we were cleaning out the panty to make room for the new groceries, we came across a bag of sprouted potatoes!  Jackpot!  Why is a bag of spoiled potatoes a good thing?  Because we were able to use them as seed potatoes for 2 new potato towers.

photo 3

Previously we posted about our potato barrel, and it really is growing quite well.  Now we were able to try a different technique called a tower.  It is basically the same as the barrel, except you use wire fencing to create a container and line it with newspaper or brown paper bags.  Then add some soil to the bottom, place your sprouted potato seed pieces and cover with more soil. Continue to water and add more dirt until you reach the top of the container.  Once the leaves turn yellow (about 90 days) check the potatoes for doneness (green potatoes will make you sick).

photo 4

We set up our towers in this years vegetable garden so when the potatoes are done we can just cut the wire and add the soil back into the ground to till into next years garden.  Also, we ran out of brown paper bags so one tower is lined on the bottom with an empty soil bag with holes in it. Hey it works for now, and it is an interesting experiment to compare with the other brown bag only tower.

photo 3photo 4

Have you ever had luck with potato towers?  Growing some spuds this year?


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