Renovation Update: Couches, MORE Foam and Kitchen Cabinets

JW and I have been up at the house almost every day, accepting deliveries and moving in boxes.  We are so close to being done that the hubs has been spending some nights there to get the last of the projects done after work.

Here is what we had added in the past week or so:

Our couches and mattresses have been delivered, they dont look like much now but I was super excited to have them at least IN the house!

IMG_6436 IMG_6438

The hubby needed a quick temporary shower curtain in order to use the shower, notice the zip ties? stylish lol


More foam! it never ends, here is the cut portion of the attic.


Here are the kitchen cabinets in the boxes after delivery and half way installed, can you smell the yummy food that will soon be made in there? I sure can!

IMG_6440 IMG_6444

Later this week our appliances are being delivered and early next week the granite counter tops. So exciting!


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    • Thank you so much for checking out our progress! We have been going slow and steady since June, sometimes it was frustrating, and almost always expensive, but seeing the ALMOST finished product is so rewarding. Keep your head up and I am sure yours will be all you have ever dreamt of! Good luck!

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