From Scratch: Sweet and Tart Cranberry Pie

We have been so wrapped up in the Homestead Renovation, that I have completely neglected to post any recipes lately.

This a cranberry walnut pie that came across my newsfeed on FaceBook, I changed it up a bit and it was a huge hit with everyone!

Here is the original recipe.  I totally forgot to add the walnuts, oops!  But honestly, I think I like it without them.  I also did not have just raspberries, so I added frozen mixed berries.  I am not a fan of pastry pie crust, so this oatmeal cookie type crust, that doubles as the crumb topping, is EXACTLY what I was looking for as a crust alternative.

Give it a try! I am sure even your picky eaters will enjoy it.

10750498_771709022717_6277549033861209904_o 10479095_771709027707_5113681021379447229_o 1402304_771718658407_1654149081310734248_o

Are you a crust fan? What is your crust preference?

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