Seed Starting in Rockwool Plugs Hydroponically

There are so many different ways to grow your seedlings for hydroponic gardening.  No one way works better then another, you just need to decided what works best for your situation.  We are growing in an Omega Garden Volksgarden, which uses a rockwool cube as the growing medium.  We could simply have germinated he seeds between soaked towels, in Jiffy peat pellets, clay growing medium, or rockwool plugs.  Most of these methods require you to transplant the seedling, which can cause shock and the plants might die.  We went with the least traumatic method of rockwool plugs.

Rockwool Plugs

Visit this past post for a step by step guide to starting your seeds in the rockwool plugs.

Here is a day by day look at our first batch of hydroponic seedlings.  We have planted, bush beans, cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, Russian kale, red lettuce and arugula.

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4: by tomorrow we will have the majority of the plants breaking the surface of the rock wool and we can remove the cover. This will allow them fresh air and room to grow tall. If we leave the lid on we run the chance of rotting the tender baby plants or growing a mold.

10688212_775838696817_6408089152109361154_o 10476336_775838706797_4229632975891495220_o

Day 5: Look at those crazy tall beans!

10393908_776124828407_729202702032028197_n 10805713_776124773517_2437430988489402172_n

Day 6: I just cannot get over the beans lol

IMG_6744 IMG_6745 IMG_6746

I will continue to update the pics as the seedlings progress, in about a week we should have enough height to transplant them into the Volksgarden unit.

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