Quick and Easy Oatmeal in a Jar To Go

Now that we are settled into our new home, our family has been able to fall into a nice routine.  In the morning while the hubs gets ready for work, I make the little guy some breakfast and pack the big guy a lunch and a breakfast to take to work.

Lunches are easy, actually, and mostly consist of leftovers from dinner the night before.  But breakfast is a little more challenging.  I started with breakfast burritos, and he quickly became tired of those.  Then moved onto bagels with an assortment of condiments, tho most of the time it was cream cheese and jelly.  Just recently I discovered a great idea for quick and easy Oatmeal in a Jar!

This is not really a recipe, per say, but more of a guide.  So here is what you do:’

First, gather your ingredients; oats (any kind really), fruit, sweetener, nuts, whatever you like in your oatmeal.  We like dried cranberries and brown sugar, John likes to add apples.


For a single serving fill a pint jar to the 100ml line.  You can use any size jar really, you just need to put equal parts oats to water.

Boil your water, we use the tea kettle, and fill the jar with the oats up with water to the 200ml line, quickly add the toppings and screw on the lid tightly.  Turn it up and down a few times to mix.  Let sit for about 15 min until it is the desired consistency you like.


Enjoy immediately with your favorite beverage, or throw it in your bag for a meal on the go.


It really is yummy!  The proof is in the bottom of the jar!


How do you like your oatmeal? Besides oats, do you like any other hot cereal for breakfast?

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