We’re back! and ready for SPRING!

Hi Everyone!

We are back and ready for it to be Spring! I mean who isn’t? Its been a long, cold and snowy winter but we are ready here on our suburban homestead for the spring new growth to arrive.  We are going to have so many exciting new things happening this year; our first time having chickens, a brand new garden either in ground or in containers and the harvest of our first hydroponically grown tomatoes!

Be sure to check back every week for updates and pictures of progress we are making towards our very own suburban homestead!

Here are some pic of what we have been up to:


Red Lettuce harvested from the Volksgarden in January.


Tomatoes take two….


The first little baby tomato on our hydroponic plants.


Hydroponic basil to make sauce with the tomatoes.

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Started this years first seedlings inside this weekend!  What have you started?

Check back soon!