DIY Fleece Tie Blanket

Yesterday we were snowed in up here in the hills, so while little man played trains, I made the hubs a super soft fleece tie blanket.  I have made many of these and given them as gifts and kept some in our home.  They are always loved and enjoyed!  There are so many DIY step by steps out there in cyberspace, but here is mine.  I hope my tips learned from many trials and errors save you some headaches!

List of Materials:
1.5 yards of solid fleece (2 yards for adults)
1.5 yards of pattern fleece (2 yards for adults)
Fabric scissors (make sure they are VERY sharp)
Small piece of cardboard

1. I usually cut a template out of cardboard, 6 inches long on each side and a 1 inch wide guide for the strips.


2. Lay the pieces of fabric just how you want them, evenly one on top of the other.


3. Next, your going to want to trim the sides.  Make sure they are straight and even.


4. Then, using your 6 inch square cardboard guide, cut a 6 inch square from each corner.  I like to use these nice squares of fabric for rice bags.  Makes wonderful hand warmers and Jamberry Nail applicator tools.  (P.S. I know a great Jamberry consultant if your interested in non-toxic nail wraps!)

FullSizeRender IMG_6841

5. Now you want to cut your 1 inch strips, using your 1 inch guide. All the way across one side of the blanket.  I cut and tie an entire side before moving onto the next.


6. There are multiple ways to tie your knots. I like this simple clean loop knot.  Over under thru the bunny hole kinda style.

IMG_6838 IMG_6837IMG_6848 IMG_6849

7. Cut and tie all four sides.  I also like to wash the blanket before giving it away, so it is clean, smells nice and I feel like it binds the knots together tightly. Thats it!


Have you made a fleece tie blanket before? any tips to share?

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Homestead Renovation: Before and After Closet Pics

Most of the original closets were very small, some rooms were even without and almost every one needed to be rebuilt.


photo 1 photo 4 photo 2


10644784_769340194867_5655553164612943946_o 1596884_769340199857_8830395505297208893_o 1965509_769340219817_4136548618104076350_o

We also redid the pantry, linen and hall closets.

Renovation Update: Kitchen Progress and Closets

Last we left the kitchen, the cabinets were just starting to emerge from the boxes.  Now, only a week and a half later, it is almost complete and fully functional! Check it out:

10479935_770593652927_6809348113478013055_o 1920952_770593657917_1479470453376518823_o 10562514_770593662907_4758706818288831673_o

The appliances were delivered and installed, the only thing not working yet is the dishwasher, it needs an outlet.  Even the ice maker in the freezer is producing! The subway tile back splash is being put up this week and the walls are being painted this weekend. I cannot wait to make our first meal in this kitchen.

We also installed custom closets for the bedrooms, pantry, bathroom and hallway.

10644784_769340194867_5655553164612943946_o 1596884_769340199857_8830395505297208893_o 1965509_769340219817_4136548618104076350_o 10634062_769340224807_4425572079808473524_o 10714225_769340229797_639702433648154652_o

Did you design your own closet set up? What works best for you?

Renovation Update: Couches, MORE Foam and Kitchen Cabinets

JW and I have been up at the house almost every day, accepting deliveries and moving in boxes.  We are so close to being done that the hubs has been spending some nights there to get the last of the projects done after work.

Here is what we had added in the past week or so:

Our couches and mattresses have been delivered, they dont look like much now but I was super excited to have them at least IN the house!

IMG_6436 IMG_6438

The hubby needed a quick temporary shower curtain in order to use the shower, notice the zip ties? stylish lol


More foam! it never ends, here is the cut portion of the attic.


Here are the kitchen cabinets in the boxes after delivery and half way installed, can you smell the yummy food that will soon be made in there? I sure can!

IMG_6440 IMG_6444

Later this week our appliances are being delivered and early next week the granite counter tops. So exciting!

Renovation Update: Finished Flooring, Bathroom and Basement

Here are some new pictures from the house!

The bathroom is functional, so we can say goodbye to the porter potty, yay!

photo 4 photo 2

The shower head and faucet have also been installed.

photo 3

The plumbing is complete in the basement and we even have a slop sink.

photo 3 photo 5

If our house had a brain this would be it.

photo 2

The floors are complete here is the master bedroom.

photo 1

The door to the sunroon has arrived and looks great!

photo 1

So much going in, so fast, getting excited now 🙂

Renovation Update: Painting and Hardwood Floors

Today we have color on the walls in the living room, entrance way, hallway and playroom.  Also, the hardwood floors are going down in the remainder of the house!

Light lavender for the livingroom walls to go with our grey furniture and purple accent chair.  My father-in-law was nice enough to not laugh at my choice in color and did a great job with the painting.

photo 1 photo 2

Silvery grey walls for the entrance way, hallway and playroom.

photo 3 photo 4

Hardwood floors going down in the hallway.  The hubby is helping to put this down, pre-finished and installed with just some staples.

photo 5

We chose a light blue for the master bedroom, a green for JWs bedroom and teal for the kitchen.  Once those have been painted I will post some pics!