DIY All Natural Homemade Eyeliner


Continuing on my mission to rid our family from harmful chemicals, I had to evaluate my cosmetics.  I switched a few years ago to a mineral based powder makeup line that is very popular.  Although, I like the products and they are somewhat natural, they are very very expensive.  The most common product I use is eyeliner.  Seriously, if I have time to throw that on its a good day!  I save the whole face process for special occasions such as weddings and formal gatherings.

I had the small eyeliner brush already and had a hard time finding a pencil DYI version.  So, my eyeliner is in powder form and takes just a few tries to learn how to apply.  If I can do it sans eye glasses without making a mess, you can too!

photo 3

Really all you need are two ingredients: activated charcoal capsules and arrowroot starch (corn starch will work but not as well).  The charcoal is the base and gives you the deep black color, and the arrowroot is just an anti caking agent.  I used an equal amount of each, poured it into a small jar and gave it a good shake.  You will end up with a deep grey color.  For more of a midnight black, use less arrowroot.

Application is simple, dip the brush in water or run it under the tap to make it moist.  Then dip the wet brush into the powder.  Swirl the brush on the cap of the container to form a paste.  Smooth out the paste and apply.  It will take some practice, I use the side of my hand and it wipes off easily.

photo 4

This is NOT waterproof, it will run, but I feel thats the price you pay for going all natural and its easy to reapply.  Also, try not to get it in your eye, it will sting a little, trust me I know.  Best part? This container cost PENNIES to make, way better then the $19 I was paying before.

Has anyone used homemade eyeliner before? Or any other homemade beauty product?

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