Putting Up the Garden; Pepper Jelly, Tomato Sauce and Homemade Vicks

Our garden seems to be coming to a close for the season.  We are processing the last of the tomatoes, peppers and watermelon.  Although we did not grow any hot peppers, I still wanted to make pepper jelly, so I used a variety of sweet peppers.  It took all summer to find a pectin I actually liked the taste of an was easy to work with.  I use Pomona’s Universal Pectin.  It is great because it is activated by calcium, not sugar, so you are free to add as a little or as much sweetener as you would like.  Also, you do not have to cook it for hours ont he stove, just a few minutes and its done.

I just followed the directions ont he box to make this sweet pepper jelly.

photo 4

Tomato sauce was my next adventure.  I felt uneasy about water bath canning my fresh tomato sauce, so I decided to freeze the jars instead.  I made a basic recipe of olive oil, garlic, red pepper flake, peeled and seeded tomatos, basil and seasoning.  It should last 4 months in the f freezer

photo 1

photo 1

Lil man has caught a cold and is all congested.  I went ahead and made him a homemade Vicks rub so help loosen some of that junk.  Simply melt a big scoop of coconut oil and add essential oil.  I used peppermint and rosemary essential oils and stored it in a small ball jar in the fridge.

photo 2


What are you putting up?

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